Landline EP

by Manager

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"Moody pop/rock tunes that masquerade as indie slacker rock"
- Divide and Conquer Music

"Landline is creamy smooth. The band layers beautifully in songs like “Steven Tipton” (streaming) whose guitars create a surfy, relaxed vibe that slightly warps in the choruses. “Hybrid” has an upbeat drum pattern you cannot help but move to and distorted guitars that highlight the rock aspect of this group’s indie-rock vibe. The entire EP is decked with rich harmonies and jaunty melodies"
- The Deli Magazine


released May 24, 2019

Jon Chinn - Guitar, Vocals, MPC
Ron Hester - Guitar Vocals
Lori Cantu - Bass, Vocals, Organ
Sir John Dorcas the 3rd - Drums, Percussion

Recorded by Neal Schmitt at Dreamland Studio (West Hurley, NY) and Jon Chinn at Workbook Studio (Brooklyn, NY).

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

Stock photo selection & art by Lori Cantu.


all rights reserved



Manager New York

Indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY.

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Track Name: Steven Tipton
I wanted to tell ya the mountains of California
are probably full of some shit that is terrible for ya
fight or flight are probably par for the course
and cutting up the house is for the courts

and the hours I lay awake I count them for you
and the days I lay in bed with nothing to do
as skyscrapers fall and the rate of return is the view

I wanted to tell you the price of apartments is soaring
and west coast socialite parties are probably boring
how would misery drive you away?
when 41st and 3rd are still the same
Track Name: Hybrid
Hold my drink I'll start the car
and I'll wait while you settle up with the tattoos at the bar
it's been a while since I've seen the one with you and me when we were drinkin' in high school
that's what Anthony said

Hold my hand as we're streaming from the wireless
as the trains roll on through
cruising Canal like it was the Champs Elysee
that's what Elon would say

Wave me on I've got to go
you don't say it's a Saturday evening
it's been a while since I've had occasion to act as if we enjoyed the arrangement
I think we're too young for that, or too old for that

hold my hand as were streaming from the wireless
as the trains roll on through
cruising Canal like it was Greenville avenue
that's what hybrids can do

hold my hand as were streaming from the wireless
as the trains roll on through
cruising Canal like it was fucking Malibu
that's what hybrids can do
Track Name: Rollerball
Jonathan don't be
someone call the operator
the future's in elevators

I've forgotten where I came from
if you say so I'll refrain from
telling lies
the government is sending spies
to try to tell a take of how my feet were broken
crossing deserts maybe frozen
you've go \t your orders baby
and I'm crossing borders maybe

Hang on don't you
play on roller
someone call the firefighters
they're a pack of thieves and liars
hang on don't you
Track Name: U.F.O.
It started at the end I had been gone for days
detectives would tell me in ten different ways
my memory was broken my thoughts run away
for no reason
we're not alone I'd heard since a child
the stars are apartments the tenants are wild
we fight against the ocean we fight against the tide
for no reason

One million stories about bright lights and crippling doubt
I can't be the only one to shout
the documents are classified and now I'm only dreaming of walking at night time

They wanted to watch me and I would comply
up in the star ship out in the sly
maybe I was dreaming the skeptics wonder why
for no reason
They were familiar like neighbors next door
but light years are fences higher than yours
we've waited here forever I guess we'll wait some more
for no reason

One million stories I've heard
God as my witness my word
I know it sounds totally absurd
the documents are sealed tight and now I'm only dreaming of Scotland
at night time
Track Name: Landline
You wanted to take in the sights and maybe a movie
so I dangled you off of the edge of the empire building
the sound of your voice as it echoed across 34th street
what ever happened to dinner it used to be easy

Hold all my calls I'm too busy texting
over the falls it's going to be messy
I've heard this too many times before
I don't think I can do this again - doctors orders

The plan was to dine by the ocean and be home early
electrical fences would stop my advances for sure
did you check out my numbers?
I'm so into dancing
whatever happened to.. whatever happened? whatever

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